Healthier &
Safer Schools

3D rendering of a clean and bright learning space 3D rendering of a clean and bright learning space

Healthier and safer schools
are a critical component of
the educational institution.

They cultivate learning, promote student success, encourage community involvement and provide for student/staff recognition as well as instill lifelong habits of cleanliness, working with others, self-motivation and positivity.

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Did You Know?
In the U.S., parents staying home to care for a sick child results in 126 million lost workdays and $14.5 billion in lost productivity annually.*

Schools should be protected areas where kids can grow and learn.

At Office Depot®, we believe that the term healthier and safer schools should encompass more than the cleanliness of a building. Healthier school environments should have safety and security measures in place that help to address violence and bullying.

students working on robotics

The importance of a clean school and a healthier environment is critical to the education industry.

Students need to be present to learn because student absenteeism leads to lower student success and higher dropout rates. In addition, school funding is often tied to student attendance, so absenteeism can take away a large part of schools already stretched budgets.

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