Modern Classrooms

3D rendering of cleanly-designed classroom with laptops and other devices 3D rendering of cleanly-designed classroom with laptops and other devices

From corners to cafeterias, learning happens everywhere. In addition, learning is now more personal, student-driven, active and in the moment. Modern classrooms now transcend the confines of the traditional learning environment, and Office DepotĀ® can help you make the spaces that make our future.

Modern classrooms address the learning environment

The concept of the modern learning environment is beginning to change as school districts attempt to align their physical spaces with contemporary pedagogical philosophy. In a modern learning environment, flexible classroom spaces organically integrate technology to help teachers better engage students and facilitate the mix of independent, small-group and whole-class learning that is now viewed as essential to student success.

students working in teams, teacher supervising

Modern classrooms incorporate three key elements:

  1. Connected devices (such as notebooks, tablets or even smartphones)
  2. Audiovisual tools (including projectors and touch-screen displays)
  3. Purposeful furniture that allows students to learn in different ways at different times (such as standing desks, collaborative workstations and connected seating)
a classroom with desks arranged in circular groups

In addition, modern learning environments are designed with the assumption that students will have constant access to connectivity – and are supported by the back-end technology and teacher training necessary for student devices to play a central role in the classroom.

From technology tools and infrastructure to flexible furnishings that support the modern learning pedagogy, Office Depot will help your school prepare students for the future, stimulate critical thinking and inspire collaboration.

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