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Leverage the best defense to address absenteeism.

Your school is a place for learning and growth – not absent students and teachers. Being proactive about fighting germs and grime is a key consideration in the defense against absenteeism. Facilities that promote washing, wiping and cleaning can help reduce the contamination levels in school high-touch areas. That's why we offer a wide range of ready-to-ship cleaning products and tools available at contract prices.

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We're here to help.

Office DepotĀ® is available to review your school and provide a recommendation about what products are best suited for the specific needs of your institution.

We can evaluate your building, discuss your specific needs and help customize a cleaning solution system for your school.

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Did You Know?

The average student misses 4.5 days a year.*

A teacher misses 5.3 days per year. Annually, $14.6 billion is spent on substitute teachers.**

Studies show that a comprehensive hand cleanliness program can reduce student absenteeism***:

  • 51% reduction at an elementary school level
  • 43% reduction at a secondary school level

Some viruses can live and potentially infect a person up to 48 hours after being deposited on a surface.****

A study found that water fountain spigots were one of the germiest spots in schools. One spigot had 2,700,000 bacteria per square inch compared with 3,200 bacteria per square inch found on a restroom toilet seat.*****

* Azor-Martinez E, et. al. The impact of common infections on school absenteeism during an academic year. Am J of Infect Cont, 2014; 42: 632-7. ** Ohlund LS, Ericcson KB. Elementary school achievement and absence due to illness. Journal of General Psychology. 1994;155:409-421. *** Am J Infect Control. 2002 Jun; 30(4): 217-20. The effect of a comprehensive handwashing program on absenteeism in elementary schools. **** (August 26, 2019) *****
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