Consolidated Delivery

a nicely-stocked janitor's closet a nicely-stocked janitor's closet

Consolidated Delivery

With budgets tightening nearly every day for educational institutions across the U.S., consolidated delivery can help your school increase savings. But consolidating orders saves more than just money. It also saves processing time and the paper used for invoices and packaging, plus it helps reduce energy and gas consumption from frequent deliveries.

How it works

Simply consolidate smaller orders under $50 into a larger order of $50 or more (before taxes and other fees), and you'll eliminate the small order handling fee. Imagine how that adds up when multiple people place multiple small orders.

  • Order from one supplier
  • Order online and opt for e-invoicing
  • Use the Save Order function to save small orders until they can be combined into one larger one
  • Set up a recurring order for those items you can’t do without
school supplies like notebooks, pencils, and rulers

Save money with every order

If you're close to the minimum $50 order size but not quite there, why not stock up on supplies you know you'll use, including:

  • Toner cartridges
  • Paper
  • Cleaning and breakroom supplies
  • Pens
  • Packing supplies
school supplies like paper, pens, and printer ink
Did You Know?
Our reporting capabilities can help your school proactively reduce orders that aren't really needed (e.g., instead of ordering 15 different types of pens, we can consolidate orders to five types to save approximately 50% of writing spend). This will not only help your school save money but also be more efficient.
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