Bill Complete

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Bill Complete

Looking for a way to streamline processes and reduce paperwork at your school? Bill Complete is a turnkey reconciliation solution for Account Billing customers. The program gives your school better visibility into your orders and streamlines reconciliation across the order confirmation, packing slip and bill (including proof of delivery) when available.

Why Bill Complete?

Your original "parent order" may split into multiple "child order" shipments, which lets us offer you more choices, faster delivery and competitive pricing. However, this modern supply chain may impact accounts payable due to multiple and unique order numbers and separate bills per order shipment.

Instead of receiving a separate bill for each split order, your school can now receive one complete bill after all split orders have shipped.

How it works

Your school will receive one bill per customer order, regardless of the number of shipments.* Office DepotĀ® will train your school and ensure that it is using the right systems to access the new tools to streamline the three-step reconciliation and payment process of Bill Complete.

*Bill Complete will hold the billing for up to seven days from the time of the first shipment to consolidate related orders on one bill. Any pending orders will bill individually with the exceptions noted on the consolidated parent order bill and on the individual shipment bill.

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