Learning Environments

From K–12 classrooms to
21st-century learning environments
3D rendering of a brightly-lit library with tables and chairs 3D rendering of a brightly-lit library with tables and chairs

Learning Environments

From K–12 classrooms to
21st-century learning environments

The world of education is evolving. Fact-learning environments are in transition, and middle and high school facilities are attempting to replicate college and university life.

Workspace Interiors by Office Depot® can help. By combining years of experience and partnerships with some of the best furniture manufacturers in the industry, Workspace Interiors can help you transform your learning environments and create the spaces to retain, grow and drive student achievement.

  • Educational spaces
  • Modern learning
  • Future-ready environments
  • Makerspaces
  • 3D classrooms
  • Learning labs
  • Learning lounges
  • Interactive classroom designs
  • Designs for learning
  • Moving minds
  • Innovation stations
  • Incubators
  • Engaging spaces

Inspiring students and
empowering educators

More instructional practices are being built around the principles of active learning and bringing business-world innovation to the classroom. Learning environments are also becoming more dynamic, technical and progressive. Similarly, audiovisual solutions in a modern learning environment directly support student learning and engagement. The key is not to implement any single audiovisual tool with a one-size-fits-all approach but, rather, to outfit classrooms with the solutions that will best help your teachers reach their students.

a teacher helping a student at her laptop

Flexible furniture provides
high-impact benefits

While classroom furniture may seem like a decidedly low-tech solution, it can be a high-impact tool that literally puts students in the right learning posture. A modern learning environment requires a flexible and agile physical setup that will accommodate both independent and group work, and one where students can learn in ways that make them feel comfortable and help them focus.

3D render of a well-lit classroom with aqua-colored tables and chairs

Workspace Interiors understands the importance of furniture as a learning tool. That's why we transform learning environments by providing educational furnishings that facilitate teaming, flexibility, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and more.

Make your building smarter

At the most fundamental level, a smart building delivers useful building services that help make your students and faculty productive (e.g., illumination, thermal comfort, air quality, physical security, sanitation and many more). Reaching this vision requires adding intelligence from the beginning of the design phase through to the end of the building's useful life.

3D render of a well-lit classroom with larger, white tables and chairs

Office Depot will work with you to provide the IoT technologies necessary to connect, secure and monetize a new breed of efficient, eco-conscious smart building applications. We'll work with a wide variety of eco-system partners – from architects and facility managers to mobile network operators and governments – to accelerate the expansion of smart building technology.

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